Introducing Representative Souvenirs from Hokkaido


I will introduce representative souvenirs from Hokkaido.

Marusei Butter Sand

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These are sandwich cookies made with generous amounts of butter, giving them a rich flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. They come in various flavors, but the classic vanilla and chocolate are particularly popular.

Shiroi Koibito

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A famous Hokkaido confection, Shiroi Koibito consists of crispy cookies sandwiching smooth white chocolate. Each piece is individually packaged, making it a perfect souvenir.


Being surrounded by the sea, Hokkaido offers a wide variety of fresh seafood. Canned salmon, kazunoko (herring roe), ikura (salmon roe), and scallop adductor muscles are especially popular choices as they are easy to preserve and make great gifts.


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Hokkaido is also famous for its breweries, offering a selection of craft beers and products from well-known beer manufacturers. For beer enthusiasts, local beers make great souvenirs.

Lavender Products

Hokkaido’s Furano and Biei areas are known for lavender cultivation, allowing visitors to enjoy its delightful fragrance. Lavender soap, essential oils, and dried flowers are popular souvenir choices.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other souvenirs available

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